Collecting African American Art

We are committed to promoting the collecting of the African American Art.

Collector Shenanigans featuring Artist Ted Ellis


About Us

Our Philosophy

The Wondrous Works LLC philosophy is to educate and expose emerging art enthusiasts, millennials and younger generations to the idea of investing in the fine arts, growing and continuing the legacy and wealth through the arts, and preserving the authenticity of our history through the arts. Our vision is to be a “one stop shop” for the individual who ranges from the novice to the established collector offering services which promote legacy and wealth building through the African American visual arts. Consider Wondrous Works LLC as a resource. Thank you for joining our tribe.

My Biography

Dr. Sheila D. Wright

Dr. Sheila Wright is an avid collector of African American art. She began developing her enthusiasm and passion for African and African American Art during her graduate studies. It was during this time, she began travelling to various countries in Africa, Asia, and Europe for various reasons which included mission-oriented work, learning about Greek and byzantine antiquities, and gaining more knowledge about our authentic history and culture as members of the African Diaspora…