Collecting African American Art: Works on Paper and Canvas

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Written by Halima Taha

Art enthusiasts and lovers of African American art have long considered collecting art a hobby reserved solely for the wealthy.

Collecting African-American Art: Works on Paper and Canvas effectively dispels this misconception.

In these pages, lavishly illustrated with almost two hundred works by a wide range of artists, readers will find practical guidelines for becoming an informed collector, including specific criteria for working with dealers. By providing succinct advice on framing, insurance, tax and estate planning, as well as pointers on how to care for one's collection, author Halima Taha makes collecting an enjoyable -- and affordable -- pastime for everyone.

Combining a rich and diverse blend of aesthetic traditions from Africa, the Caribbean, and America, African American art has emerged as the most actively collected art in the marketplace. This guide presents both emerging and established artists and identifies dealers throughout the nation specializing in the field. Insightful and accessible, it is the first book to define the role of the collector of African American art. The result is a unique and essential guide to developing a meaningful and rewarding collection.

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  1. Publication date
    1998December 22
  2. Dimensions
    9.0 x 0.8 x 11.8inches
  3. ISBN-10
  4. 288 pages
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